Brotherly love

When I was pregnant I started to worry about how much Belly Bubba Beanie (aka Bubba C) would change Mr J. I started to wonder if we should have waited a little longer before trying?

Since having Bubba C I am positive that we made the right decision. Yes at times it is hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mr J and Bubba C already have a beautiful bond. This Brotherly love is already deep and strong. Mr J always let’s me know when Bubba C is crying (his little ears can hear that little bit better than mine) and worries about him. He loves giving Bubba C hugs and Bubba C loves it too. When Bubba C is sad Mr J cheers him up and gets him laughing. When Mr J is doing something naughty sure enough Bubba C giggles which spurs him on!



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